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French Quarter Vespa

I just loved everything about this little scene… the green shutters, the moulding around the windows, the Vespa with the stuffing coming out of the seat. It was just yelling at me to take a picture 🙂

On a side note have you heard about HDR Tennis on Facebook? HDR Tennis is a friendly game where the administrators of the page (all photographers) work on the same set of brackets that is provided by one of the admins. The different versions are then posted and then the public gets to vote on their favourite version. The brackets are also shared  with the public who can download them, process the image using their own HDR tools and putting their particular spin on the final image. The image is then shared and voted on. Game 31 has just been posted and yours truly supplied the brackets this time around. The Admins provided some fantastic and inspirational final images. Check it out and have fun. 

I usually share HDR Tennis announcements and images that I don’t post on my site to my Edith Levy Photography Facebook page. If you haven’t yet come on over and “Like” my page.

Click on the image to enlarge (it really does look better) or to Purchase a Print.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Lost in the Details

I was going through some of my Italy images and realized that there are still a few that I’d never posted. Strolling through the streets of Florence not far from the Pitti Palace I came across a row of parked Vespas. What drew me to this scene were the subtle details…the way the Vespas were all lined up, they way they’re all pointing in the same direction, the shadows that the over head trees cast on the wall. They all work together so well.

Click here or on the image to enlarge (it really looks better) or to Purchase a Print.

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iPhone Friday – The Spring Edition

The weather has been beautiful and while it’s not officially spring yet it sure feels like it. As I was walking around downtown the other day the Vespas were out in full force and there wasn’t a winter coat to be seen. Have a great weekend everyone.

Looks like Spring is here!

CN Tower

Another Brick in the Wall