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Beautiful Burano

We saw Woody Allen’s latest film this weekend, To Rome With Love and that of course made me go back to some of my Italy images. There’s still so many I haven’t shared so I thought I would take you back to Italy today and the beautiful, colourful island of Burano. Burano is located in the Venetian Lagoon. The island is approximately 11km from Venice or a short 45 minute veperatto ride (water bus).

This image is not an HDR. I processed the RAW file through OnOne Perfect Effects and then used Topaz Adjust 5 to create a bit more detail in the buildings finishing it up in Photoshop.

Click on the image to enlarge (it does look better) or to purchase a print.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Fleeting Moment

The Venetian canals are teeming with tourist filled gondolas but every so often you can capture a truly romantic moment…even if its a fleeting one.

Venice, Italy, gondola, love canal, romance

Weekly Photo Challenge – Journey – A Venetian Traffic Jam

Sometimes a journey, which may be long or short, gets interrupted or delayed as was the case in this Venetian version of a traffic jam.


An Italian Vignette

This past Friday Why Go Italy travel site published a guest post / photo tour I did for them on the Jewish Ghetto in Venice. You can see the photo tour here. I was very excited to partner with Why Go Italy on this because I used their site extensively in planning my trip to Italy this past summer. Everything from sample itineraries, off-the-beaten track recommendations and general advice on buying tickets to museums online. I found the site indispensable to planning my trip.

I thought it only appropriate to post an Italy shot today. This was taken in Florence. I was walking back to my hotel from the Pitti Palace and turned onto a small side street when I came upon this vignette. As I mentioned in a previous post I just love bicycles leaning against interesting walls or buildings, especially in Europe. You can see that post here.

Concerto Veneziani

Sometimes you walk by something and it just makes you want to stop and take a minute to look carefully and take in the detail…the color…what’s around it.  I don’t know what it was about these concert posters. Maybe it was the wall that it was posted on or the old posters underneath and surrounding it. I just liked the look and feel of them.

As usual you can click to enlarge the picture and take in the detail.

The Lonely Gondola

This is another shot from my early morning Venice shoot. There was something about this one gondola set apart from the rest. I felt it was lonely out there all by itself.  I thought the loneliness  might be conveyed better in B&W.

I converted the image to B&W using Photoshop the used Topaz Lens Effects to isolate the gondola and blur the surrounding area.

Canon XTi, Sigma 18 - 200mm, f/7.1, 1/100, 20mm